Once upon a Kiss

Jason O’Neil has one job—and it isn’t falling in love with a local… Known as the Master of Acquisitions and armed with savvy and charisma, acquiring Sabrina Monroe’s land for a golf resort is an easy purchase. His strategy is sound until the tenacious and unyielding landowner literally throws a wrench into his plans when […]

Day 3

For a quick recap, Lincoln took the girls fishing for a date and spent some one-on-one time with the ladies. Destiny moved out of the house since she was voted off. And one of the ladies is exhibiting stalkerish behavior. Little does Michaela know but Maryam caught Michaela watching Lincoln sleep. Maryam is severely creeped […]

Day 2

Short recap. On day one Lincoln met all the ladies vying for his attention. At the end of the night, Francesca was voted off and hopped on her broom, and flew away. A scent wafts up the stairs waking up the girls to a large breakfast. Joni woke early and cooked breakfast for everyone. Seems […]

Day 1

Meet and greet. One special lady will go home. The ladies slowly arrived and lincoln welcomed each lady and introduced himself. One special lady will be coming home tonight. Lincoln isn’t feeling super stressed at the moment as there are only a few girls here so far. With just a few ladies lincoln tell that […]

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