Bently the Bully

The cool, crisp days of autumn are finally here! Kids around the neighborhood are excited to swing, slide, and climb at their favorite playground. That is, until Bently shows up. He is ready to pull some hair, blacken some eyes, and break some bones. The sound of his footsteps, thump, thump, thump, sends children scattering in all directions for a spot to hide. No one is safe. Until one day, a brave boy named Harvey finds the courage to stand up to Bently. Little Harvey wants to make a big change in how his friends are being treated. What will Bently do? Will Bently show an apologetic heart? Will Harvey and his friends be able to forgive?

About The Author

Holly Mazzochi is a new author who recently released her first book, Bently the Bully! Holly attended Stockton University where she studied psychology and education. She is currently a special education teacher in New Jersey.

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