Once upon a Kiss

Jason O’Neil has one job—and it isn’t falling in love with a local… Known as the Master of Acquisitions and armed with savvy and charisma, acquiring Sabrina Monroe’s land for a golf resort is an easy purchase. His strategy is sound until the tenacious and unyielding landowner literally throws a wrench into his plans when […]

Do You Have Any Patience?

Do You Have Any Patience? by Ben Stern Illustrated by Chava Cohen “Do You Have Any Patience?” is the first book in the Flip and Friends book series which is the story of Flip, an impatient, demanding little frog that wants everything NOW. He slowly learns the importance of patience and is sweetly rewarded. FREE […]

Becoming a woman of wisdom

Every woman has the chance to become anything she wants to be, and it all starts with a pen, a book, and her faith in God. This daily inspirational journal allows women to write their thoughts, goals, ambition, and life experiences. About The Author Madeline Marie Roberts affectionately referred to as “MiMi,” was born and raised […]

Bently the Bully

The cool, crisp days of autumn are finally here! Kids around the neighborhood are excited to swing, slide, and climb at their favorite playground. That is, until Bently shows up. He is ready to pull some hair, blacken some eyes, and break some bones. The sound of his footsteps, thump, thump, thump, sends children scattering […]

Dragon’s Breath

Join King Teddy Bear as he seeks out the answer to his Kingdom’s mysterious black smoke. It’s his job to protect his villagers and help them to thrive. The once beautiful gardens and crops are now withering and his precious villagers are saddened and fearful. How can the mighty King solve this for those he […]

What If…All The Hippos Got Loose And Came To Live With Us?

This delightful little book asks the question “What If… All The Hippos Got Loose And Came to Live With Us?” and answers that very question with charming illustrations and rhyming words. Are you ready to purchase this book!? About The Author My name is M. Dalton King and by way of introduction let me just […]

Born Missionary: The Islay Walden Story

In 1879, Islay Walden, born enslaved and visually impaired, returned to North Carolina after a twelve-year odyssey in search of an education.  It was a journey that would take him from emancipation in Randolph County, North Carolina to Washington, D. C., where he earned a teaching degree from Howard University, then to the New Brunswick Theological Seminary, […]

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