Now I’m Really Mad: A Story about Controlling Anger

 Rita is always getting angry at her baby sister. Rita screams, cries and shouts to tell everyone how she feels. But when her parents decide to help her discover how to use big girl words, Rita will discover calmer, better new ways to express her emotions! About The Author  J.J. Shegog is a former teacher, […]

Becoming a woman of wisdom

Every woman has the chance to become anything she wants to be, and it all starts with a pen, a book, and her faith in God. This daily inspirational journal allows women to write their thoughts, goals, ambition, and life experiences. About The Author Madeline Marie Roberts affectionately referred to as “MiMi,” was born and raised […]

Let’s Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali!

You know about the 12 Days of Christmas. But do you know about the 5 days of Diwali, India’s Festival of Lights? Go on an adventure with Maya, Neel, and their cute little partner, Chintu the squirrel, as they learn all about this famous Indian festival of lights including Dhanteras, Diwali sweets, Rangoli drawings, fireworks, […]

What If…All The Hippos Got Loose And Came To Live With Us?

This delightful little book asks the question “What If… All The Hippos Got Loose And Came to Live With Us?” and answers that very question with charming illustrations and rhyming words. Are you ready to purchase this book!? About The Author My name is M. Dalton King and by way of introduction let me just […]

Born Missionary: The Islay Walden Story

In 1879, Islay Walden, born enslaved and visually impaired, returned to North Carolina after a twelve-year odyssey in search of an education.  It was a journey that would take him from emancipation in Randolph County, North Carolina to Washington, D. C., where he earned a teaching degree from Howard University, then to the New Brunswick Theological Seminary, […]

Changing the Stars: A Memoir

A powerful true story about how a boy survived and then overcame his family’s multigenerational cycle of violence, neglect, and sexual abuse:  Despite the odds against him, Cody Renegar grew up and became a loving father and husband, successful hairstylist, and respected artist. Raised by a substance-abusing single mother, at six Cody and his four […]

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