Changing the Stars: A Memoir

A powerful true story about how a boy survived and then overcame his family’s multigenerational cycle of violence, neglect, and sexual abuse:  Despite the odds against him, Cody Renegar grew up and became a loving father and husband, successful hairstylist, and respected artist. Raised by a substance-abusing single mother, at six Cody and his four […]

How Catering Sucked The Life Right Out Of Me

With over 25 years of catering experience in both New York and California, the author shares the worst and the best of them. Mostly the worst. His stories include weddings (one with a runaway groom), a bar mitvah where O.J. Simpson was a guest, a $5 million birthday party for three- year- old twins, and […]

Spike: The Penguin With Rainbow Hair

Spike was born with beautiful rainbow hair. Everyone loved it and thought he was unique and special… well almost everyone. Follow Spik’e adventures as he tries to change his hair to blend in with the crowd. Will he learn to embrace himself for who he is?  About The Author Carmen Ellis and Sarah Cullen are the […]

I’ll take you to see the Ocean

In this heartwarming story, Caroline fulfils her five-year-old son’s wish to see the ocean by taking him on a cruise to the Magdalen Islands. About The Author Chantal Bellehumeur is a Canadian author born in 1981. She has 18 published books of various genres as well as numerous short stories, memoirs, poems and articles featured […]

Quest (The Revenant Series Book 2)

A chilling presence haunts Toni’s mind, digging to find out where and what she is… After a frightening Halloween night where four women fought for their lives, a hard decision was made to separate Toni and her friends. They were left with four different destinations and four different destinies. Toni and Jarrell head to a […]

Revenant (The Revenant Series Book 1)

He is after her, and she doesn’t know why… Toni has not had a charmed life. An accident cut the lives of her parents short. Causing her to sacrifice to make sure her sister, Olivia, was cared for. Both finally settled in life the sisters find that this peace is short-lived. Toni watches a cold-blooded […]


Thalia is an independent woman living a regular life as a tourist guide in the Philippines. Growing up away from her parent’s superstitious beliefs & traditions, She became used to being just the typical and normal person– or so she thought. Until an incident happened in Monaco which will take her own life. But little […]

Overcoming the Odds: This is my story of triumphs over cancer, life-threatening brain surgery – twice and obesity!

This is my story of triumphs over cancer, life-threatening brain surgery – twice and obesity! About The Author I am retired after a 40 year career in sales and sales management with Data General, Cahners Publishing, Motorola and Comcast. He lives on Lake Lanier with his wife Susan and his four-footed adopted daughter Zoey. He […]

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