Do You Have Any Patience?

Do You Have Any Patience? by Ben Stern Illustrated by Chava Cohen

“Do You Have Any Patience?” is the first book in the Flip and Friends book series which is the story of Flip, an impatient, demanding little frog that wants everything NOW. He slowly learns the importance of patience and is sweetly rewarded.


About The Author

I am the father of four Princesses and a Superhero. Raising these five beautiful, smart, independent children has inspired and challenged me to use creative and original ideas to teach them important life lessons. The Flip and Friends series are stories I originally created to educate my own children in a fun and relatable way. As an early writer of poetry, the transition to children’s books was a natural progression of life as parenthood is its own form of poetry.

I am very excited to finally take these stories that had such a huge impact on my own children’s lives and share them with the world.

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