Gemini Continuum: Empire of the Gods

The year is 2088… Turmoil has plagued the Colonies… Mega-Corporations jockey for position as they continue to expand beyond the outer most reaches of the Frontier.

After his recent termination with the Centauri Mining Guild, Captain Vince Olson; a misfit bounty hunter for C.A.D. Corps(Centauri Aerospace Defense Corps) finds his ship the Reaper ransacked by a deadly mercenary in search of vital information left behind by his late father. The E.T.A.(Earth Terran Authority) is immediately called in to investigate when he is approached by an agent of a clandestine operation known as the Gemini Continuum. Captain Olson’s world is about to be shaken when he is faced with a diabolical truth.

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About Author

Currently residing in Pennsylvania with his wife and son. M. J. Stoddard graduated from Harrisburg Area Community College, where he received his diploma in CADD. However, his real passions is in the creative arts, literature and the martial arts. Often reading in his spare time, compelled to the classic science fiction and fantasy. M. J. Stoddard delved in science, astronomy, physics, mythology of ancient cultures and the martial arts. M. J. Stoddard is currently working on several manuscripts of various genre, ranging from sci-fi paranormal to adventure and even space fantasy and other forms of speculative fiction. When M. J. Stoddard does not spend his time writing or rendering starship designs, he spends his time with his family and at Stoddard’s Jikkai-ryu karate dojo as the founder and instructor of a rising martial arts school currently in Milton, geared towards building leaders by instilling set principles in each and every student that comes along.

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