Life up until Generation 2

So I’m going to post each generation’s life in one single post so you can follow along easier.

Adrian starts off in the new town after getting set up in his new home by heading to the gym to work out. Before working out he strikes up a conversation with a beautiful lady at the gym.

He learns her name is Zelda Mae and they immediately hit it off. “Welcome to sunset valley!” Zelda enthuses when he tells her he just moved here.

After spending a ton of time talking in the gym they walk outside together and begin to play tag ending the meeting by exchanging phone numbers.

A couple of days later Zelda calls and invites him over. “I can come over after work,” he tells her. He’s met a lot of really nice people since moving to sunset valley but none compare to Zelda and he hopes to get to know her better.

Why not slow dance in the living room right? Adrian is so romantic :). These two are sure getting close. Could love be brewing?

“Zelda let’s go out and watch the stars,” Adrian says leading her outside and sitting together on the porch.

“Do you see that constellation right there? That’s the little dipper” he says pointing into the sky.

They end their date with a dip kiss and have decided they want to be exclusive and not see anyone else.

Days go by and the happy couple spends as much time together as they can when they are not working. Adrian feels totally in love with Zelda even though they just met and has decided that he’s going to pop the question. He travels to Bridgeport to find the best engagement ring he can find and calls Zelda when he returns and asks her out on a date.

“Zelda these roses are for you, thank you for coming on this date with me. Ever since I have met you I feel like I’m in Heaven” Adrian says.

“Oh Adrian they are beautiful you are the best!” she squeals happily.

“I love you Zelda Mae and I always will,” he says kissing her.

“I love you too Adrian,” Zelda tells him.

Nervously Adrian gets down on one knee. Wondering if it’s too soon. Will she say no? He reaches in his pocket pulling out a small box.

“Adrian” she questions.

“Zelda I know we haven’t known each other too long but I can’t imagine my life without you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me” he asks opening the box and revealing a beautiful engagement ring.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes,” she screams and jumps up happily admiring the beautiful ring he picked out for her.

It’s now the day of the wedding and Zelda has gotten ready in Adrian’s room while he finishes some wedding preparations outside.

They have decided to have a small outdoor wedding. The setup looked beautiful. But it’s raining. “I hope this rain stops soon,” Adrian says looking up at the cloudy sky.

It rains for a couple of hours and Zelda is in tears. She goes outside yelling at the rain. “You’re ruining my beautiful wedding” she yells at the sky stamping her feet into the ground.

A couple of the mail guests move the beautiful wedding arch inside and the benches so that the wedding can continue. Finally, Zelda and Adrian stand at the arch and say their vows.

Everyone claps as they are announced, man and wife. Allow me to introduce Mr. and Mrs. McConnell! Congrats to the happy couple!

Zelda finally got her dream man and although her wedding didn’t go as planned it was still a magical night for the couple.

“I will love you for eternity Zelda. I can’t wait to have a family with you princess” he says as they spin around the dance floor.

Yes yes, that’s Zelda! They are on their honeymoon and have been spending lots of time in their bedroom.

Besides when Zelda got her hair cut and had her hair color return to normal. No more blonde. And I must say she is just gorgeous!

Time goes by and the couple goes about their normal life. Oh no Zelda did you eat something bad?

Nope (jump forward a bit)

After a quick and easy home birth Adrian and Zelda welcome baby Oliver McConnell to the family!


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