Magnificent Legacy Challenge Rules

These are my Legacy Challenge rules. This is not your traditional Legacy Challenge but you may see some similarities.

You start the game off with a patriarch (male) I recommend that you start him off as a young adult. You can move him into any world you prefer but remember you will be living in the same world through the entirety of this challenge. No other sims can be added or started in this family until he meets his beloved and they get married. Dont forget to choose a last name you wont mind seeing as there will end up lots of people with this last name.

  1. Cheats – no money cheats except to buy an empty 64×64 lot. You can use the buydebug on cheat and movebjects on cheat. BUT NO MONEY CHEATS once you purchase your lot. You must move you patriarch to this empty lot asap. And try to have as low amount as money as possible. I personally can never get that cheat to work where you set it to a certain amount of money but if you have luck with it try to set your amount to 5,000.
  2. MODS ARE FINE!! (whats this game without mods am I right?)

The first generation is the patriarch and his wife. His wife must be a townie. They can have any skills and any jobs. They must have at least 4 kids, one of which must be a boy. Now the way I am doing it is that my patriarch married the first female he met that was also a young adult that he met.

Moving out generation one – One of the first generation must complete their lifetime wish before they move. They also can not move out until at least one of their children is a young adult and can take over living in their house. (the same moving out rules apply to future generations). All your future generations must live in the 64×64 lot you bought. Here is how mine started out:

Names – Some people like each generation to have certain letter names like the first generation born to patriarch have the letter A. Thats totally up to you. Thats not something I am doing.

Supernatural – If you have the expansions then there must be a witch, werewolf, genie, fairy, vampire, mermaid,aliens, etc somewhere in your family tree. Now these people don’t have to be the heirs spouse or whatever. It could be say jenny is the heir and her brother johnny marries a mermaid Ava that still counts.

Future generations marrying – the next generation who is taking over the legacy challenge must travel to a different world to meet their spouse (you can add them to the family – that’s ok with me – so you can bring them back to your world. I recommend also bringing back their entire family if they have any as this will be growing your home town. That is what I will be doing.)

A few rules:

  1. You can not bring family members back from the dead.
  2. Your heir can not move out of the house.
  3. You can age up your babies after 3 days. You can age up your toddlers when they can walk, talk and are potty trained. You can age up your children and teenagers when they got on honor roll. I haven’t decided if I plan to do this but I may.
  4. Friendship – each heir must have a best friend they hang out with each week (must be a person of the same gender)
  5. Each generation after the first generation must have at least one kid it can be bio or adopted.
  6. The heir of the second generation and future generations can be your choice.
  7. I don’t care if you have a maid or a butler.

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