McConnell Legacy Generation One

I’d like to take the time to introduce you to my founding sim and generation one of our McConnell Legacy Challenge. MY LEGACY CHALLENGE rules will be posted over the next couple of days.

Adrian McConnell – Adrian is the founder of this legacy challenge and the patriarch of the family. I made him with the intention of him being Irish. So we’re going to say that Adrian moved from Ireland to Sunset Valley. Adrian is a good person by nature. He is also a daredevil. He likes to keep the house neat as he has the neat trait and he cleans the house every day. He also is a klepto and a computer whiz. He is currently employed in the military and his lifetime wish is to be living in the lap of luxury. He is married to Zelda Mae and the father of Oliver. They also own two poodles, Izzy and Ivan.

Zelda Mae – Zelda is a member of generation one as she is married to the patriarch of the family. She is the sister of Illiana. Sister in law of Dustin Langerak. And Aunt to Parker and Kaylynn. She is also the mother of Oliver. She also has two fur babies Izzy and Ivan. After Zelda and Adrian got married she decided she wanted to go back to her natural hair color. Zelda is a party animal and very flirty. She can also be childish and easily impressed. Little known fact but she also has a green thumb. She works in the music industry and her lifetime wish is to become a rockstar.

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