Now I’m Really Mad: A Story about Controlling Anger

 Rita is always getting angry at her baby sister. Rita screams, cries and shouts to tell everyone how she feels. But when her parents decide to help her discover how to use big girl words, Rita will discover calmer, better new ways to express her emotions!

About The Author

 J.J. Shegog is a former teacher, a mental wellness advocate and children’s author with several years of experience teaching kids from a wide range of backgrounds. As a proud mother to a young son, she understands the importance of imparting valuable lessons and helping kids thrive no matter their abilities. She is dedicated to providing a selection of beautifully crafted children’s books which revolve around essential mental health, emotional intelligence, inclusiveness, and faith-based concepts. J.J. Shegog has a Master’s in elementary education, along with a BA in English with a Minor in Spanish.

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