Mother Tydfil didn’t think that the woman who’d wondered down from the frozen mountains could have posed any risk. But she should’ve sensed her aura. After all, what’s the point in being a witch if you can’t spot one of your kind? But soon after, this young woman had taken over her cottage and Mother Tydfil was gone. Rhiannon Turner was a witch and she was there for a reason. Until she met Evan Harding and then it all changed. She hadn’t meant to fall in love with a married man. She hadn’t meant to get pregnant by him. She hadn’t meant to get on the wrong side of Evan’s wife, Elizabeth. But she did and now Elizabeth was after revenge. Elizabeth had a plan, to have Rhiannon accused of witchcraft and have her executed. Rhiannon went on the run but didn’t make it to the mountains. She gave birth in a field, was captured and her new-born left to die. Without a proper defence, Rhiannon was tied to the stake and the pyres lit. In the last moments before the flames consumed her, she cursed the village of Treharne.Four hundred years later, Mari Thomas began to research a story. If the story was true then it would prove that Salem was not the first place that burnt witches at the stake – it was Wales. Together with her University professor Simon Jenkins, Mari heads for Treharne and they both head up the mountain hoping to locate where Rhiannon was buried. But was Simon really helping her or was he there to retrieve something of his own? Double crossed by Simon, Mari is left trapped inside a cavern with no way to escape and accidentally finds a jar that holds a secret – and soon Rhiannon Turner is back.Mari and Treharne’s local Pastor, John, are soon on the trail of a book written by the former Pastor that explains how to get Rhiannon’s soul back to where it was. Meanwhile, Rhiannon is reining havoc throughout the town and several descendants of the council members that condemned her are dead and half the town is on fire. But there’s a secret that Rhiannon doesn’t know. Now it’s a race against time to tell her the truth and capture her soul before she lays waste to the rest of the town and kills the remainder descendants of those who condemned her.


About The Author

I live in Cardiff, Wales. It is home to castles, mountains, rugby, Doctor Who and Torchwood and I live with my partner and three little mad dogs. Living in Cardiff is glorious, because, for all its modernisation, there are still remnants of an old Victorian city so you are constantly making up stories in your head of past lives.

I love writing and will always base my stories in Cardiff because it has such character. When I can, I go out to the coast and take photographs, we have a lovely castle in the city centre and a fairytale one just on the outskirts, so when I feel I can’t write anything, I take a ramble to those locations and it clears my head.

I have a TV production background. I used to be a professional photographer and decided to move into the TV world. I started off working on our local news programmes and then moved on to Arts, Factual, Drama, back to Factual, back to Drama (Torchwood, Dr Who and a few regional shows). From there I moved over to work for the Audience and Marketing team of the brilliant BBC National Orchestra of Wales who produced many soundtracks for some well known TV shows – Doctor Who for example! I learnt so much from working there about Marketing and Promoting. It’s been an absolute blessing for promoting my own work.

But I suppose it was inevitable that some day I would end up writing novels. My teachers at school used to limit me to no more than ten pages for any story (torturous). I was a reporter on the school magazine and later became its Editor. When I left school, I paid my way through college by writing short stories for magazines; I later took a course in scriptwriting and came third in a BBC writing competition.

Rhiannon was a story that had been in my head for a while. I loved finding her and bringing her to life. I realized while writing her story that it had to span more than just her era. I had to bring her into our time. But I didn’t want to write her as an immortal, there are enough stories like that. But to bring her back to life the way I did was fun to do.

Rhiannon came to the village for a purpose but she soon forgot all about it when she met a man and fell in love. He was already married and he had a social standing in the village. When Rhiannon became pregnant, his wife coerced some other women to renounce Rhiannon as a witch. The problem was, Rhiannon really was a witch but she couldn’t let them know that, she had to prove she wasn’t if she wanted to survive. The village council sent for the witchfinder to attend a court hearing and it looked like Rhiannon wasn’t going to get out of this. Her magic was gone while she was pregnant, she couldn’t even help herself so when her lover aided her escape, and

she made a run for it even though she could hardly walk let alone run, her baby had other ideas – and so near to where she knew she’d be safe. The villagers however weren’t going to miss out on a public burning and they catch up to Rhiannon and drag her back to the village, leaving her newborn on the side of the road for the wolves to feast on.

What happened that fateful night when Rhiannon was tied to the stake is the reason her revenge was so severe centuries later.

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