Running in the Mists

Forced to pick up the pieces of her broken heart yet again, talented artist Brianna Wylder returns to Chicago to try to reconstruct her life back home in the city of her birth. As she tries to find her way back into the light of hope and happiness, Brianna battles between a chance of renewed love in her present and powerful ghosts bent on keeping her in the past.

With Ben Davis now back in her world and in her life, could this be a chance to make a new start or has too much damage already been done? With Matt Brennan still very much alive in her heart and in her dreams, can Brianna let herself live in the present to seek out the happiness and purpose she needs?

What does her future hold and where will her memories leave her? Find out in this Hearts Drawn Wyld sequel to “In Death We Part.”

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About Author

Victoria J. Hyla (Victoria Hyla Maldonado) has been writing all her life and has worked professionally as a writer and editor for more than 20 years. She is the author of the substantive women’s fiction Hearts Drawn Wyld trilogy (“In Death We Part,” “Running in the Mists,” “Awake in Elysian Fields”) as well as several anthology-published short stories in several genres, including romance, crime thriller, horror, postapocalyptic, and drama. She also is the author of several children’s books: “Bartleby the Brave” (“Miedosin el Valiente” in Spanish), “Tears for the Butterfly,” “Monstery Donstery Dock,” and “Tempest the Turtle.” She lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and children and is working on a new romance series as well as several other short stories and more children’s books. Learn more about her books, editing and consulting services, and more at Sign up for her newsletter at:

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