Wyatt is a typical schizophrenic firefighter with daddy issues when his life falls into shambles. His wife leaves him, he loses his job, and the voices in his head are getting louder. Gabriel is the all-knowing and impatient Messenger of God. With help from Lucifer and the vampire queen, they must stop the twisted and sadistic Lilith from destroying the Gate between Heaven and Earth, enslaving humanity, and slaughtering millions.

About The Author

Leslie Swartz is a forty-year-old poet turned novelist living in Indianapolis with her husband and three daughters. She draws inspiration from a variety of writers including Shakespeare, Poe, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Freddie Mercury, and Don McLean. She started writing stories at age four and when she saw Legend for the first time, she decided at five that her goal in life would be to write something Ridley Scott would be proud to direct. In second grade, she won her first writing competition. She went on to win a handful of short story, poetry, and essay contests throughout her academic career and took a distance learning course at The Institute of Children’s Literature after high school. She wrote songs and greeting cards before discovering that her true passion was paranormal urban fantasy novels. She published her first book in The Seventh Day Series in March of 2019. Since then, she’s released the next six books, completing the series.  

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