Smoke and Shadow

What do you do when you find out your life has been an illusion?

For seventeen years Elara lived a typical life with only one goal, finish high school.

It took one stupid party, one bully, and a mysterious stranger to change it all.

The world Elara knows begins to crumble piece by piece.

Secrets of the past are revealed.

Enemies come from the shadows.

Strangers are found in plain sight.

No one is who they seem, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Can Elara come to terms with her new future or will it swallow her whole?

Dear Readers,

Smoke and Shadow is a fantasy romance with a traditional M/F relationship.

It is the first book in my Waking the Divine Trilogy.

It is a roller coaster ride of sweet and slow, hot and heavy, and love & loss.

Recommended for 18+.

Please be aware that this book contains physical and sexual assault, kidnapping, and harsh language.

If these are situations that you would not like to read about, this book is not for you.

I would like to thank you for taking a chance on a baby author, and I hope you enjoy the characters and story as much as I enjoyed writing them!

About The Author

Harper Shay is a Paranormal/Fantasy Romance author who lives in Northern Minnesota with her husband and their teenage son. She enjoys reading, writing, music, the outdoors, remodeling, and a good campfire. She can be found lost in all different genres when she reads, but fantasy worlds are her favorite. She loves that she can join in the action and emotion of well written characters. You can find her, most days, pouring out the characters and worlds that hang out in her head.

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