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This is a shopping group on facebook made up of 2K+ members. You are able to post for the entire month you are signed up for. There will be only one rep per company in this event. If your company is taken we will let you know when the next open month will be. You are encouraged to be active in the group as well as to invite 25 people to the group. Once you buy this free event email with your name and company.

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Add on Info:

Thanks for commenting on my post! So i'm looking for vendors who would be interested in joining an online website and directory as well as being able to share about their business as frequently as they like. There is a 30$ fee to participate from now till the same date of next year. I would love to answer any other question you may have,

This item is on sale until October 15, 2022 price will return to the non sale price of $60.
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