The Misadventures of George and the Talking Butt

A funny middle grade book about a boy who discovers his butt can talk. 

The brainchild of a 9 year old girl and her dad.


About The Author

What do you do when you have a child who has trouble sleeping? She has nightmares, imagines all sorts of scary things that could happen, anxieties abound. Bedtime takes hours longer than it should. Simply telling her that there is nothing to be afraid of doesn’t help, because it doesn’t actually allay the fear. You need to show her that her fear is unfounded. As parents, we have tried everything. Fun nightlights, leaving the hall light on and the door open, sitting outside the door, weighted blankets… you name it, we’ve tried it.

More recently, we tried something different. We noticed that Leila, our 9 year old, will often have a nightmare about something that she is thinking about before bed, or something that has occurred over the course of her day. So we thought, let’s give her something else to think about as she is drifting off into dreamland. We started telling stories to give her something more positive to think about as she was going to sleep. While reading before bed is something we regularly do, this was something different and something a little bit more special, tailored uniquely to her. 

One night, about a year ago, Leila came up with a story idea all on her own. She asked her dad to tell her a funny story about a boy with a talking butt. Together, my 9-year-old daughter and her awesome dad developed a character that they named George, who discovered that his butt could talk. Well, he heard a voice, but to everyone else around him, he was just farting. Over the course of the next few weeks George and his talking butt were featured hilariously in every bedtime story, doing crazy things like leaving butt prints in wet cement, or getting caught sneaking ice cream after mom said no. We were struggling less and less to get to lights out. Leila was begging to hear more about George and his talking butt. She would tell Josh what wacky adventure she wanted George to go on, and he just ran with whatever she dictated. When you think about it, their process was pretty incredible. They had created something special that deepened their daddy-daughter bond, but even better, we were shifting her mindset and distracting her from her worries with these funny tales that she could giggle about as she drifted off to sleep.

Months later, we have amassed quite a collection of George stories, and we have compiled them into a 23,096 word, 20 chapter book and had them brought to life with custom illustrations. Our book, The Misadventures of George and the Talking Butt,  appeals to readers aged 8-12 looking for something out of the box and funny. It will be available for purchase at all online booksellers later this summer! You can pre-order a copy at our website today. 

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