The Road To Success In Life

This book is a one of a keys to help you to unlock the closed door to your dream.

Life can be paradise or palace sometimes it can be a river of tears, even though it is like that you as an individual you must stand on your own & fight for your victory. There are strategies and techniques to fight obstacles of life. But know what is meant by the saying that says ‘A CHAMPION IS NOT A CHAMPION BEFORE FIGHTING AGAINST OTHER CHAMPIONS THAT ARE STRONGER THAN HIM/HER’’

When days are dark, there are plans you must draw, between light & dark.


About The Author

My name is Maliele Michael I am epileptic, I am a 17-year-old boy born in 29/03/1993 at pocthefstroom in a small plot called vyfhoek

Meaning why I am epileptic, but even though my life is so different some of things I cannot let them happen. I know when I was a baby I was always sick till now am older. Sometimes I think I am in darkness of evil. I will stand with two feet; this war is not a war, when I have God right by my side, even my background it is not that one can wish

However, that will not stop me from building a perfect Success in life.

Nevertheless every challenges or sickness in life wont change the path that I was born to walk in I am destined to greater things in this world, and I am unique in God’s way.

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